J ourneys
A deliberate journey...
Mindful in its intention, whatever its essence. Be it rich in texture and depth, soft and light as air... natural and effortless. All journeys have the potential to enrich the soul and enhance our world.
ESPIRITU celebrates clarity of mind and spirit. Rich in textures that reflect strength and crystalline refinement, ESPIRITU reminds us of the qualities which can move us forward with greater ease.

available in sizes up to 34" x 46" approx

Rapsodia celebrates the exotic journey.

Colorful, creative and adventurous, this journey is a daring one where the unknown is welcomed... even invited!

available in sizes up to 55" x 40" approx


available in sizes up to 36" x 46" approx

 beckons us on a mysterious journey, mystical and sensual.

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