The art of Amarand
An Evolution in Art A turning point in history

Amarand :

"e-ter-nal; un-fad-ing"




This Original Digital Fine Art Collection is historically significant.

Digital Art is in its infancy, an evolution offering unique possibilities and new ways of seeing.


The Art of Amarand is a new form of art-making that combines the technological breakthroughs of our era with artistic vision.


What this means to the Collector is that here, at the beginning of this century, there is a new art form emerging which promises to define the culture of this era and beyond.


Rarely do Collectors have the opportunity to get involved at the beginning of a new art movement.  As with all major artistic turning points, our way of seeing is being expanded, our mind reshaped, our heart grown to new depths.


THE SERIES A quantum leap in arts and sciences An opportunity to express the best of humanity



Each artwork is an original. Consideration of the Collector’s requirements is taken without compromising the essence of the image.


Each print is scrutinized, approved and signed by the Artist to insure a masterful rendition.


Each image is published using archival inks, and each frame is thoughtfully chosen by the Artist to maintain the integrity of the artwork.


Each image is published in varying limited editions and may be available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the Collector’s preference.

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